DIY : The Cutest Felt Baby Shoes

Finding a perfect gift for a baby can be very exhausting whether it be for a baby shower or you just want to give your precious one something special. One of the usual very useful gifts for a baby is a pair of shoes. However, finding a perfect pair for your little one can be very difficult. So to spare yourself from the hassle of finding the right size and color of shoe, why not make a handmade baby shoes that will perfectly fit the size of the baby’s feet with the color you want that will surely look adorable and comfortable at the same time for the little ones. Let me show you how.

Below are the materials and the simplest and easiest steps to dos

Things you will need:

– An Autumn Felt Bundle ( or any color you want )

– DMC pearl cotton in color 666 ( or any color you want )

– A package of ¼ inch wide elastic

– An erasable fabric marker

– Scissors

– Tape measure

– pins


Note : The materials and template for this pattern is for a 3-month old baby but you can make it smaller or bigger depending on the size of your little one. The template will still be helpful for you.


Things to do :

  1. Prepare all the materials needed.
  2. Measure the size of your baby’s feet using tape measure.
  3. Draw the patterns from one of the felt pieces like the picture below using the erasable fabric marker.


Cutting and Pinning the shoes


  1. Cut the patterns from one of the felt pieces. Put an X mark at the center of each pattern using the erasable fabric marker. Marking the patterns in full is unnecessary.
  2. Cut two pieces of 1-inch lengths of elastic and set it aside.


  • Steps to follow for the Right shoe


Step 3

Use the x mark as your guide to where you will pin the sole piece and the upper piece together.


Step 4

Lay down the sole to make it flat and then wrap the right side of the upper piece to the front side to make a perfect front curve.


Step 5

Carefully wrap the left side of the upper piece to the front side overlapping the left side for a perfect front curve and then pin the sole, the left and the right side layers together at the front of the sole.



  • Steps to follow for the Left shoe



Step 6

For the opposite shoe, wrap the left side first and then the right and pin them together in the same steps as the right shoe.



Step 7

Pin the upper section from front and the sideways of the sole to make it flat. Do this on both of the shoes.


Sewing the shoes


Step 8

Face one of the shoes forward. Use your index finger to flatten the back part of the shoe like the picture above and start hand sewing it using DMC without tying a knot in the thread. Start at the x mark by pulling the needle from of the sole section through the upper section with ¼ inch from the edge and leave a 4 inch tail then lay the tail over the working thread and arrange it to point towards the right.


Step 9

Start stitching ¼ inch from the edge and ¼ inch to the right of the first stitch towards the upper piece. Make sure that the needle is on the top of the thread coming from the previous stitch by pulling the needle out through the sole as seen in the picture above.


Step 10

Continue stitching using the same steps but be sure that you are sewing through the sole section to the upper section. ( You can remove the pins one by one. )


Step 11

When you reached stitching to where you started, tie a knot with the tail and working thread.


Step 12

Pull the working yarn a few inches from the seam.


Step 13

Cut the excess thread right at its exit point. Thread the needle with the tail then repeat the same process to hide it.


Step 14

Repeat steps from 8 to 10 for the opposite pair and you’re done!


Adding the Elastic Pieces


Step 15

On the right shoe, sew the left side of one of the elastic pieces from the left to the upper section with a doubled cross stitch. See the picture above.


Step 16

Tuck the other side of the elastic piece inside the shoe then sew it to the right side with a doubled cross stitch again. Try pulling apart the left and right sides lightly to help the shoe stand up.


Step 17

For the left shoe, repeat the steps 15 and 16 but you will start sewing on the opposite side – from right to left then you’re done!


Aren’t they the cutest baby felt shoes?

Of course the autumn felt bundle kinda look neutral but playing with the colors might help. You can choose other colors to make it more girly or more boyish. I hope you like this easy and simple DIY.




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