DIY Straws lampshade

diy wire straw lamp 11

You’ll need 

  • thread (embroidery thread style),
  • beads, straws,
  • a pair of scissors. 
  • Possibly spray paint.

diy wire starw lamp 1

To start this project you will need to cut the straw in half. For the first part I took 36 pieces of straws. And each was 5′ long.

Now pass two pieces of thread in the straw. Make a triangle with three straw like shown above and then tie a knot at the top of  each triangle.

diy wire starw lamp 2

Do the same thing until you have 6 lozenges.  

diy wire straw lamp 3

Now cut a large piece of thread and then pull it through each of the straws in the center of the lozenge. add a bead between each diamond.

diy wire straw lamp 4

Attach, with knots, a straw to the tip of each lozenge. 

diy wire straw lamp 5

Now tie the ends together,just attach “a” with “a” and “b” with “b” (like in the photo). 

diy wire straw lamp 6

You must finish the top of the lampshadeBetween each tip of lozenge you will attach a straw of 3′ long (6 pieces in total). 

diy wire straw lamp 7

You must complete the structure, included bits of straw as demonstrated in the picture. I have no estimations to give, on the grounds that I’ve sliced it to fit the structure. The light will slip between the two straws highlighted in yellow.

diy wire straw lamp 9

TIP: To pass strings through straws, I utilized a bit of straw, cut lengthwise with a little space to slide the string in it.

diy wire straw lamp 8

I painted the straw and then I used a cardboard box in order to not disassemble the lamp.

diy wire straw lamp 13

And voila! I also love the shadow it makes! 




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