DIY recycled denim basket

diy denim basket 3

What you will need to make it:

  • old denims,
  • a pair of scissors,
  • a sewing machine,
  • a container

diy denim basket 5

Cut the strips of the Denim +/- 1″ and then sew them at the end to end to make a long ribbon.

diy denim basket 6

You got to make at least 20 strips to make the bottom of the basket.

diy denim basket 7

Tie a knot at the one end of the ribbon in the middle and start to weave. Pass the ribbon around the stripsOnce above, once below …. 

diy denim basket 8

Weave until you have your desired size of the base of your basket. You should pull the strips sometime to modify weaving. Put the base on your model (pail, vessel …). What’s more you keep on weaning the sides of your basket. Contingent upon the size, you may need to include some strips of fabric.

diy denim basket 9

Once you have completed weaving, you have to finish the edge of the basketYou’ll attach the strips of fabric together by tying knots.

diy denim basket 10

Your basket is almost done. You’ve got to cut the extra strips and fold them inside the basketYou can either sew or glue them.

diy denim basket 12

Voila, not too bad for used denim!

diy denim basket 4







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