DIY Pop-up birthday card

When someone special has, a birthday coming up you want to do all it takes to make that one feel like he or she is important to you and that you care a lot. A way to do this is to give something that you put your heart and soul and hands into creating it.

Therefore, let us just see how to create a pop-up birthday card for your loved one.

Things to use:

  • Colored carton – different colors
  • Cutter or scissors
  • Colored string
  • Black pencil
  • Paper glue
  • Pencil


Things to do:

  1. Take a colored piece of carton the size you want your birthday card to be –  bend it in half and you will get the size you want your birthday card to be. After bending it take a pencil and draw some lines where it is bended and where you want your pop-up card to open with something in 3D.
  2. Then take the scissors or the cutter and cut on the lines that you just drew. Ten you do not tear them apart; you just bend the cutting pieces inside the card.
  3. Take some other piece of colored carton and draw then cut a cake shape and a present shape. They will each come I the two cut pieces that you created first.  Then take the piece of string and create some triangle shapes to glue to the string. The number of the triangles shapes should be equal to the number of letters of the word you want to write in the card – the name of the person, the no of years, a wish etc.  
  4. After having it all prepped up, stick the string to one part of the card, the present and the cake shape to the two cut shapes and you are done!


Now you can think of making something special for each special person in your life.




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