DIY ~ Pillow Love with Sharpie & Alcohol!!!

alcohol closeup pillow before closeup pillow closeup after pillows final purple before

After cutting the fabric down (I laid my old pillow down and cut around it, leaving about an inch around around the edges), I started mapping out the palm trees. No need to give Van Gogh a run for his money here, just scribble some lines that look like a couple of cotton balls shoved in a skinny ice cream cone.

Once thats done, take your q-tip and dip it in rubbing alcohol, enough so that you get little droplets coming off. Start dropping the rubbing alcohol on top of your trees, then gently rub it in, just enough to get rid of the marker lines and make it look a bit more like water color. I also dragged the color in a few places just to tweak the shape to my liking.

The colors did spread a little more than on the original pillow, which I was okay with, because it started to also remind me of this other pillow I loved but was too cheap to buy –

I ended up liking this technique a lot, because scribbling and then dousing it in rubbing alcohol is a really simple process that has a really pretty payoff. With my leftover fabric, I played around with this technique a bit more. I loved it because the last time i tried to dip dye fabric with Rit, it was a mess and I got dye everywhere and couldn’t control anything. This was much less chaotic

However, with this one I scribbled in descending color intensity, and then laid it in the bathtub to coat it in rubbing alcohol to do the blending. And that’s how I dyed my bathtub purple. A little bleach seems to be helping but I have a feeling this is going to take a lot of chemicals and elbow grease to get this sucker clean. Whoops. Please learn from my mistakes. Um, and give me tips on how to get sharpie stains out of your bathtub…Unless you’re my landlord reading this, in which case, just kidding John. Everything is great.


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12 thoughts on “DIY ~ Pillow Love with Sharpie & Alcohol!!!

    • jen

      Rose, Sharpies are permanent markers. They will not transfer to your face/skin. If you are concerned, run a dry iron over the project to heat set it.

      This is a great project.

  1. Tracy

    i dont have a comment but i do have a question
    how did you keep the marker from running all over the pillow and stay in just the letter form

  2. Kimberly

    Regarding the bathtub- Try hand sanitizer. I know it will take Sharpie out of fabric and off skin. It may not work but there won’t be any harm in trying!


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