DIY Photo Pendant

DIY Photo Pendant


What you’ll need:   

  • Diamond Glaze
  • E-6000 Industrial Strength Adhesive
  • 1″ Clear Circle Glass Pieces 8pk
  • (8) 1″ Silver Plated Circle Pendant
  • Photos printed on heavy duty paper or cardstock to desired size- make sure ink has dried a min 4 hrs.
  • X-Acto Knife
  • Rubber Mallet

DIY Pendant Supplies


Step 1:

DIY Pendant Step 1

Include a little measure of Diamond Glaze in the back of the glass ring.  Spread around with tip of gadget or toothpick.  Press delicately on photograph to evacuate air bubbles and hold for 30 seconds.  *note: don’t wiggle it around excessively as that will spread photograph ink.  If you commit an error (or see air bubbles), don’t stress – Diamond Glaze is water soluable, you can wash off the coating and paper from the glass piece and attempt once more.  Allow to dry overnight.


DIY Pendant Step 2


Using X-Acto Knife, cut paper and extra dried glaze from around glass piece.


DIY Pendant Step 3


Include a little measure of E-6000 glue to within pendant (once this dries- it can’t be fixed) and press glass piece with photograph into pendant.  If required, tap (may require a couple of taps) glass piece into pendant.  Remove any additional glue/paper with X-Acto cut that may have pushed out around edges of pendant.  Allow to dry 4 hrs.


DIY Pendant Step 4

Place pendant on any chain, ribbon, or key ring you choose. And you are done!!!




***DIY source and photo credit:

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