DIY pencil bag or cube coin bag with zipper!

Do you find yourself in that position where you have pencils thrown away everywhere in the room or coins all over your favorite bag? If this is the case, a pencil bag or a coin bag is the perfect answer to find a certain pencil when you want it or to actually get to spend those coins you so dearly keep all over the purse.

The below is a hand mande bag, that will offer you the perfect solution.

Things to use:

  • fabric
  • zipper
  • sewing machine
  • bobby pins
  • sewing thread
  • scissors

Things to do:

  1. Take a pencil and measure the fabric with it. make sure the fabric is not exactly the perfect size of the pencil but also that it is not too small. After measuring it , look for the perfect zipper.  Choose it to be a complimentary color with the fabric.
  2. Take the fabric, now all arranged in the size and shape you wnat and start sewing it at the sewing machine. This step is important as it actually forms the little pencil or coin bag.   It is the step that needs a lot of attention. 
  3. Now is the zipper attachement part. You first have to attach it with the thread and then start sewing it at the machine. Turn the material inside out in order to attach the zipper nicely and to have a good finish look. Make sure yyou cut all the extra zipper left. 
  4. Turn the bag again inside out in order to attach the two parts from the right and the left of the bag. Sew it straight at the sewing machine.
  5. Turn it outside out and look at the final result. Put the pencils or the coins in the bag and this is your little hand made bag project for the day!



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