DIY paper lamp

diy wall lamp new

Let’s have a diy lighting tutorial that can be placed in the entry of your house. Let’s follow some simple and easy tutorial to make it.





1/ Print, collect and cut the example. Follow the pattern on the paper you decided to make your light. I utilize white Canson, it give a pleasant warm light.

2/TURN OFF the POWER  and unscrew the base of your wall light.

3/ Remove a little base of the light, you don’t have to take it of or disengage any cable.

4/ Slide the paper behind the base.


5/ Screw the base on.

6/ Fold the left half of the paper.

7/ Fold the right side.

8/ Slide the tab into the opening. That is it.

If you don’t mind dependably utilize energy saving bulb, it isn’t hot and its more secure when you work with paper.


You can find the pattern Here in US letter format and Here in A4 format.





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