DIY: Paper Heart Wall Art


This wall art idea came to mind a few days ago. And it will be very exciting making a paper heart wall art. Because girls love heart. You can choose her favorite color to make the heart. This project will only cost you 2$! Let’s see how to make it.

Step 1: I made this heart template with poster board and then trace them and cut out all my 88 hearts.

Step 2: I divided the hearts into 8 sections of 11, and then staggered the color. It would make the color look random.

Step 3:  I sewed each and every strands together and I left 1″ gap between each heart and long threads at the very top of each row to wrap it around the wood.

Step 4: Then I wrapped each rope with the wood and secured the rope on the top and back with the help of tape.

Step 5: I cut some lace and glues it with a glue gun to make it secure with the wood.









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