DIY Paper Dove With Printable Template !


The white dove is a symbol of love, peace, simplicity, loyalty, gentleness and many other positive things. We usually see real white doves on wedding ceremonies, funerals, christenings, grand opening ceremonies and many other occasions. But do you know how to make an artificial dove?

Making paper doves can be so easy and very inexpensive. You can use it for fun, decorations and for many other purposes. Let me show you how.

Below is a paper dove template that you can use and print for free.




Things to use :

Oslo paper  ( or other printable sturdy paper )



White glue


Instructions :

Step 1 : Print the templates on some oslo paper.

Step 2 : Carefully cut the templates using scissors.

Step 3 : Using the first template ( the body and tail ), cut the solid lines on the tail part using scissors then bend along fold the body part with dotted lines towards the back.



Step 4 : Bend and fold the dotted lines on the tail part as shown in the picture.


Step 5 : Bend and fold the dotted lines on the tail part upwards to make it look erect as shown in the picture.


Step 6 : Using white glue, saturate the triangle part on the tail part and afterwards the head and beak as well to make it look like the picture below.


Step 7 : Using the second template ( the wings ), cut the solid lines on the left and right of the wings just like what you did on the first template on the tail part.


Step 8 : Bend and fold along the dotted lines.  Saturate the triangle center part of the wings with white glue and stick it at the middle of the back of the first template.



So now you’re done with your first dove. It was easy yet fun to do, right? Do you have some ideas on where and how you will use your paper dove? My ideas would be …

  • Dove Mobile ( you can use it for babies, kid’s and adult rooms )Create as many doves as you want and use nylon string and a wood ring or any wood that you can tie the doves to make a dove mobile.
  • Toy for kids or something new and interesting to learn about.
  • Decoration for birthdays, christening, wedding, graduation or any events.



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