DIY painted flower wine glasses



  • Wine glasses (I purchased mine at the Dollar Store.)
  • Multi-surface craft paint (Be sure the paint you choose is suitable for glass. I used Martha Stewart paints.)
  • Paint brushes
  • Paper plate for paint (or palette if you are fancy)
  • Small cup for water
  • Paper towel for wiping and drying your brushes
  • Puffy paint or paint pen if you want to add names




Remember that this extend is about layering paint on the outside of the glass. As charming as these glasses will look from the outside, the best part is the means by which they look inside the glass. Spend sometime considering what sort of flowers you need to make and how you need them to look from within so you can layer legitimately. For best outcomes, layer contrasting colors. For instance, begin with a light color, and afterward utilize a darker shade for the second layer. Take a look at some genuine flower for insperation. Begin by making the flower center. I used yellow and tan paint to make little spots around the stem of the glass. When that was dry, I painted over it with a lighter yellow color.



Create your stems by painting the stem of the glass green.


Paint some green leaves on the base of the glass, and feel free to add little vines or any other designs. If you aren’t super artistic, you could also just paint the base green.



Make some detailing for the first layer by drawing petal shapes, stamen-sort lines, or any configuration of your decision. You can additionally paint parts for your petals in this venture, for example little dabs or veins. Let dry totally.



Make your first layer of petals assuming that you want to have more than one, or basically paint your petals on the glass. Make certain layers are totally dry before including another cover or another color.


When you paint on your final coat, be sure to paint all the way down to the stem to cover up the yellow center.


Include any completing touches like names, butterflies, or bumblebees. Pour yourself a glass of wine and respect your work. The paint might as well stick to the glass even with utilization. Hand-wash delicately after utilization.




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