DIY Make a 3D Paper Heart for cute decorations

Valentine’s Day is coming and you are thinking of making something special for your loved one? There is nothing more special than something that comes from the heart and , actually …. is a heart. It is nice, thoughtful,  beautiful and less expensive. It is true, it will for sure take you more time than just going and buying something, but the final result will be accordingly.

Things to use:

  • carton
  • red paper
  • paper glue
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • hands
  • wall glue
  • wall

Things to do:

  1. Take a piece of paper that is harder than the usual,  and create some heart shape templates. Let them be in different sizes. Than take those templates and  copy them with the pencil on your red piece of paper. Make sure you put them in a way that you can cut them with the scissor and do not ruin the other shapes on the paper. 
  2. Take each heart shape and cut it a little bit in the middle so that you will be able to bend it and then glue the two parts together. This way you will form a heart shape that will just be in relief. 
  3. Make sure you do the above thing with all the paper hearts. after the above, press the parts together with your fingers for some good seconds, so that they will not lose the shape. 
  4. Look at the final result and how it turned out. If it is satisfactory you know what you have to do with each heart shape in turn. 
  5. Do all the above with as many heart shapes as you think are needed. However, you should make at least 30-35 pieces in order for the final result to be one of the kind. Let them all dry in a place, making sure they do not bend with each other. 
  6. Choose a location – this case a wall, where you want to put them and create that romantic atmosphere for your loved one. Make sure you create the right design and transmit the right feeling. Use a special glue to stick them (wall glue if this is the case). Surprise! 

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