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Trees and other flowering plants can capture our hearts because of their colors and built so having them in your yard have become a necessity and oh-so normal. But cleaning the yard can be very tiring especially when it’s during fall season because during this time of the year, shedding of leaves is almost non-stop.


So basically, leaves can be a hassle. You have no choice but to rake everything before your yard turn to be a total mess.  Let me teach you a simple DIY that makes the leaves useful again aside from being an organic fertilizer for your own garden. This could be fun and exciting activity for the kids plus you can easily make them help you cleaning the yard. ( double purpose is always the best. )

Things you will need :

  • Palm-sized fall leaves ( artificial or real leaves )
  • Mod podge or Elmer’s glue
  • Balloon
  • Pin
  • Scissors
  • Paint brush or Foam brush
  • Plastic Wrap
  • Large sized mixing bowl
  • Disposable bowl


Note : You will be needing lots of palm-sized leaves. When finding a perfect real leaf, it should be pliable and not dry but it is okay to use artificial autumn leaves for your own convenience. Try to find thin paper-like leaves and avoid any plastic-coated leaves. Thinner artificial leaves mold better to the shape of your balloon. Keep a moist or wet towel on your working space so you can easily wipe and clean your hands because of the sticking glue and to avoid unnecessary sticking of leaves to your fingers.     

Things to do :

  1. Prepare all the materials needed. Make sure that the leaves are clean and not moistened.     ( Tip : If you are using artificial leaves, you need to carefully rip the entire plastic stem and all the veins off of the leaves so that you will not have a hard time molding the leaves to the shape of the balloon. )
  2. Inflate the balloon until it fit the mixing bowl to the point that it can stand alone when you place it there. Once done, place the balloon on to the bowl and keep it in place.
  3. Pour the mod podge or elmer’s glue into the disposable bowl. Apply a thin coat of Mod Podge or Elmer’s glue on half of the balloon using paint or foam brush.


  1. Start placing the leaves on to the balloon from the top on your way to the middle. You need to be very careful in placing the leaves to avoid scratching or tearing the leaves. Flatten the leaves gently on the balloon as you paint it with Mod Podge or Elmer’s glue using your paint or foam brush with a little help of your own fingers to smoothen it. Make sure to put a lot of Mod Podge or Elmer’s glue on the leaves so that it will fully absorb and will saturate them enough. Once it is stuck in the right place, apply another layer of Mod podge or Elmer’s glue but this time, it should be thinner. ( Tip : You can also lay the leaf directly to the Mod Podge or Elmer’s glue if you are using a bigger size container before you put it on to the balloon to make it easier. )diy-autumn-leaf-bowl-3
  2. Continue placing the palm-sized autumn leaves on to the balloon while painting them with Mod Podge or Elmer’s glue. You need to overlap the leaves to make sure you avoid the gaps. Half of the balloon should be covered with no in between spaces to make it look like a bowl. Use smaller leaves to cover empty
  3. Once you covered the half of the balloon with palm-sized autumn leaves, you need to paint another coat of Mod Podge or Elmer’s glue all over the leaves that covers the balloon. Add extra leaves on the bottom part of your bowl to add some weight for support. You have to let it dry overnight so wait till the next day to make a sturdy leaf
  4. Once dry, use the pin carefully to pop the balloon and gently separate the palm-sized autumn leaves from it. Do not be alarmed if you see the leaves shrinking when you popped the balloon because it will surely be back to its original shape if you wait a minute or so. You can cut some of the Mod podge or Elmer’s glue that is visible on the edges of your leaves to keep it neat. Then you’re

So that’s it! You now have a unique autumn leaf bowl that you can place anywhere on your house. Just remember that unlike the regular bowls, you cannot put heavy objects on your autumn leaf bowl to avoid damaging it. If you are going to use this on kitchen or dining, you can put sachets of sugar or sweetener, salt, cream, etc. You can also put candies and chocolates or any wrapped sweets for your kiddos. Using this autumn leaf bowl as part of decoration in the living room would be okay. You can just place this on top of the center table with or without something in it and same as to any cabinet or table top in your house. Placing potpourri would be a good idea.

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