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For a complete beautiful home, work never ends. Let’s now talk about the lighting. Naked bulb are functional but they do not look nice and decorative. If I put a lamp shade, then it can be look nice, modern and it can produce good light. But lamp shade are a little bit expensive. So I found a way to make your own lamp shade with woodsticks, cardboard and plastic bottle. Now look carefully to make one of this home made lamp shade.

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  • Thin cardboard,
  • 4 wood sticks (length: 18″),
  • 4 pins,
  • a gallon plastic bottle and thread. 

Paint sticks and tie them together at each end with the thread. 

DIY lampshade 2 (1)

At first cut out the neck of the bottle and carefully fix the sticks on it like the picture below. You don’t need to use glue to fix it.

DIY lampshade 4 (2)

DIY lampshade 4 (1)

Now cut a large piece of cardboard 57″ x 12″, fold them to make it a cylinder sized and and glue it. Cover the cardboard cylinder with a paper and put the excess paper into it. I used Ecojot wrapping paper.

DIY lampshade 6 (2)

Almost done, now you only have to fix the wood structure with push pins inside of the cardboard cylinder. But you have to keep in mind that, it needs to be straight. 

DIY lampshade 6 (1)

The last thing you have to do is to suspent it. Remove the bulb, carefully slide the lamp and then replace the bulb. But always remember to turn off the bulb when you are placing the lamp.

DIY lampshade 8 (2)





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