DIY kid stool

diy kid stool 1

What will you need: Here is a simple idea to transform a plastic bucket (yes, again!) into a small stool for children. It’s pretty quick to make. You’ll need a clean paint bucket, a piece of plywood (3mm thick), a jigsaw, sandpaper, glue and varnish.

diy kid stool 2


At first cut about 6″ from the bottom of the bucket. Then cut 4 arches around the bucket. It should not be so large. Cut the arches with a jigsaw and then polish the edges.

diy kid stool 3


Cut a circle the same size as the bottom of the bucket, sand and varnish it. Then glue it on the bucket.  

diy kid stool 4

And voila, a nice little stool for brushing teeth or catching a candy in the cabinet. Plastic bucket has limited resistance, so the stool works great for small children.

One thought on “DIY kid stool

  1. Kyra Toughski

    Thank you ever so much for this post aye!❤️❤️
    Down here in Western Australia my friends always ask where I bought mine from!
    When I tell them I made it- they either think it’s just painted a wooden stool or I’ve done a carpentry course


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