DIY – How to create a teddy bear from a sock

Everybody loves teddy bear regardless of your age and gender. You can give it as a gift to someone special like your siblings, parents, friends, the little ones, or even yourself.  But what makes giving teddies more special when you can find it everywhere in the store plus the best one could be a little pricey? How can you pick the best but not that expensive for someone special or something exclusively yours? – Make your own or DIY-ing it is the answer.

Making your own teddy is as easy as pie but is surely super fun to do. You can choose what color you want, use two or more colors, or you can make a plain or patterned one as many as you want for as long as you have – socks.  Yes. Socks. ( You can use your old socks or those socks that have a missing pair to make it useful again. Maybe you could do that if you’re only doing it for yourself but I suggest you use new pairs if you’re going to give it as a gift. ) So have you heard about some dolls made of socks? Let me teach you how to make a teddy bear out of sock.

Things to use :

– Scissors

– Pencil

– Pen

– tweezers

– thread

– sock ( used or new )

– Thread and needle

– polyester or cotton filling

– buttons

– beads

– cotton gauze

Things to do :

Note : Prepare all the materials needed. You can think of a teddy bear and remember it on your mind or you can sketch it down on a bond paper for reference so it will be easier for you to draw the template on the socks.


  1. Flatten the sock by facing it down on your working space making the back of sock visible like the picture above.

Making the template :

  • Draw the teddy bear head template first on the toe part of the sock.
  • Draw the body and feet together on the leg part of the sock.
  • Draw the arms on the remaining space of the sock.
  1. Once done with all the body parts template, carefully cut them all. Cut an oblong shape on the end head of your teddy bear as shown in the picture above.



  1. Arrange all the body parts template on your working space to make it appear like a teddy bear minus the stuffing so you have a clearer view of how your teddy bear will look like.



  1. Start stuffing the body of the teddy bear with polyester or cotton filling. Just like what you did to the head, be sure to just insert the right amount of cotton filling so you can easily hand stitch it to close.



  1. Once done stuffing the head with polyester or cotton filling and closing it, cut the cotton gauze in an oblong shape that will fit the size of the head of the teddy bear. Make sure that you still have a space for the eyes and the forehead will still be visible then carefully hand stitch it.



  1. Start stuffing the body of the teddy bear with polyester or cotton filling. Just like what you did to the head, be sure to just insert the right amount of cotton filling so you can easily hand stitch it to close.


  1. Hand stitch the open part of the body to close.
  2. Sew the buttons and beads for the eyes as shown in the picture above. The eyes should be an inch and a half apart from each other.
  3. Make a hand stitch below the nose. Make a vertical stitch from the nose following a horizontal stitch that is slightly curved that will look like an upside down T to finish the mouth part of the teddy bear. Attach the head to the body. Hand stitch them carefully.
  4. Now stuff both hands with polyester or cotton fillings then attach them on the side of the body by hand stitching.


If you want to add an extra design on your teddy bear, you can also add a piece of cotton gauze on the teddy bear’s tummy. You can make an oblong, circle, square, star, heart, or the starting letter of your name. Just draw the template in the cotton gauze using a pencil then cut them according to your design. Hand stitch them on the teddy bear’s tummy and you’re done!

So what can you say about this simple DIY teddy bear? Isn’t it cute and appealing? Its softness makes it more comfortable to touch especially for the little hands. This could be a perfect gift for everyone especially when they found out that you made it just for them. This will show how resourceful, patient, creative, sweet and thoughtful you are.







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