DIY – Garden Fencing Inspiration

Now that spring is here(for most of us that is) you have time to arrange the garden space so that it will look far nicer and less dull when you look at it from the comfort of your house when there is too hot outside. To boost your garden you really do not need that much but you do need a lot of time to make it look properly.

Things to use:

  • stones
  • small wood pillars
  • plants that can resists to harsh weather and very hot  sun
  • bigger stones or rocks that can form an alley
  • wire

Things to do:

  1. Wanting to get from this to this other one? Then a lot of time and work is needed.
  2. Choose the exact location where you want to form your small garden. then clean it nicely, put some decorative stone on it and start planting some outdoors plants. Fence it with some bigger stones, in order to form a small fence and keep them still with some wires. Form the alley by putting some bigger stones in the ground and make sure you have enough garden spce for the plants left. You can even plant a bigger tree in the small decorative space with the fence and some plants that have flowers as well but that do not grow very tall. Enjoy the creativity you can play with. 



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