DIY – Free Beading

It is spring, the gifts are starting to invade any woman nowadays. If you want to impress your woman, your mother, your sister, your grandma, you can offer something hand made and most surely they will be impressed. They will like that you have put the time and thought into creating something personalized.

Things to use:

  • colored round or oval stone(the color of your choice)
  • strings, that are hard enough to be able to be beaded
  • imagination
  • scissors
  • stairs
  • a crochet

Things to do:

  1. As a starter you have to prepare the thread or strings and start beading them, with the help of teh stairs like in the image below. You have to put two vertical strings stay in place, parallel one to another, then just bead around them. Do this until you get to the length you need or until the vertical thread or string is over. (you need to leave a little bit at the end, to be able to make a good finish to it. 
  2. Now that the “bracelet”is done you have to prepare the stone, the scissors and the bracelet to wrap around the stone. 
  3. Take it and form it around the stone and start bending each end to one another.
  4.  Take the crochet and crochet the left overs of the strings in order to look like a nice bending. 

This is it, you have your special stone ready. Now you can have a beautiful and unique giveaway. 


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