DIY: fabric scrap flowers



I’ve been searching for an craft i can do with insignificant supplies in light of the fact that:

1. We’ve recently begun packing for our Big Move to the suburbs.

2. There are no craft stores inside walking distance.

I discovered a few plans online for fabric scrap flowers…they fit the insignificant supplies prerequisite consummately! also i’m utilizing up fabric scraps, so i’ll have less to pack.

I explored different avenues regarding distinctive techniques for controlling the fabric into flower shapes: twisting. folding. cutting. knotting.

I adore these tied flower and they’re So Easy to make.



> fabric scraps: I had a mixof old garments and upholstery scraps

I discovered the floppier fabrics to work best.

> Wooden sticks (as those used to make kabobs) or chopsticks

any sort of long, flimsy stick might be fine

you could even use true stays or twigs

> Scissors

> Hot glue gun


01. cut fabric into strips. mine were roughly 2″ wide and 18-24″ long. the strips don’t must be uniform or perfectly cut – just verify they’re long enough to hitch no less than a couple of times.

02. tie the strip in hitches around the tip of the stick. i utilized hot glue as of right now to secure the hitch to the stick (so it wouldn’t tumble off) and strengthen the tie (so it wouldn’t fall apart when i tied the following hitch).

03. rehash until you can make no more hitches. i got a few hitches from my strips.

04. when the end are so short there is no option to tie more hitches, you can either trim them off or hot glue set up to make artificial ties.

05. rehash with an alternate strip for a bigger bloom. i did a few strips for every bloom.


06. cut piece of fabric pretty nearly 1/2″ wide and 12″ long

07. glue one end to the stick at the base of the bloom, then wrap around tightly

08. the point when stem is completely wrapped, heated glue fabric to secure to stick


09. cut fabric for base of flower. this will hide the noticeable knots at the base of the flower and the highest point of the stem fabric. I pointed for a squarish shape, then adjusted the corners with scissors.

10. cut opening at corner of fabric, then slide stem into slit. heated glue one corner then pull other corner around tightly (it will cover first corner). secure with hot glue.






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