DIY Craft tutorial: bottle cap candles TUTORIAL


These small candles are a truly amusing to make and meet up rapidly. What’s more you can up-cycle numerous materials simultaneously, which makes this a breathtaking craft.

To make these beautiful little candles, I utilized some materials that typically wind up in a land fill: bottle caps, broken colored pencils, and empty soup cans. the main thing I purchased to make them was the pre-waxed wicks which require me $1.50 for a set of 12.

These make an incredible child craft and might add a fun component to a wedding, romantic dinner, or even a fab discussion piece in your front room!


How to Make Bottle Cap Candles
supplies: bottle caps, crayons {or wax}, pre-waxed wicks, soup cans, wax paper {optional}, small cooking pan, scissors, and water

candles and cover 014


remove paper from crayons. you can also use candle wax if you wanted.

candles and cover 015


put crayons in clean, empty soup cans.

candles and cover 021


take your pre-waxed wicks and…

candles and cover 020


bottle caps

candles and cover 025


put wicks inside the bottle caps. i placed my bottle caps on wax paper in case i spilled some wax.

candles and cover 023


at that point utilizing a little cooking pan loaded with a few inches of boiling water, put the can in the dish and melt the pastels. The pastels melt pretty rapidly. *note: it just takes a couple of pastels to fill a flask top!

candles and cover 028


pour the melted crayons or wax into the bottle caps.



let cool for 1-2 hours. then trim the wicks and you have some fun tea light candles to enjoy!

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