DIY Cat Mug: Hot Fish Soup. Meow!

Porcelain Painting Schluffi-12


First challenge: find a pretty motif, which does not look too much like Crazy-Cat-Lady, but also does not tell at first glance that necessary even for the drawing of simple and unfussy lines and curves really is more than the will to shape is. So sketch out, erase, paper crumple, start from scratch. And always trust daruf that sooner or later looks the kitten, as it should, the proportions are just fine and your self-confidence begins to grow again. 

I decided for a simple cat standing on the cup head, a stone’s comment for the back and the plate also shows that he belongs to, with a small black spider on the bigger picture, after the cat is fishing with their paws when cup and plate stand together in the correct position.

This takes you

  • Cup
  • Porcelain painter
  • soft pencil


How it works

Everyone has to start somewhere: prefigure contours

And here’s the part that’s fun: First, I draw front of the subject with a soft pencil on the cup. 

The contours I deliberately more generous drawn, so I would not attach to the graphite layer china marker.Because then it may happen that the marker color will not be properly fixed. 

Eyes, hold your breath: the timing of porcelain marker has come

Now comes the biggest challenge: Be careful when holding your breath, but if possible in a river I draw the contours with the markers within the pencil ‘instructions. I wipe there with a damp kitchen paper where I had to draw in each case on the Belistiftlinien. This was for example the eyes and Whiskers the cat’s case.  

important thing is that you do not settle the pin as far as possible, because at these points occur slightly color enlargements that make the subject a little restless appear. 

I was surprised at how fast and and easily my vile white Allerweltstasse be transformed into a unique gift idea. Then let it dry for three days and finished.

Oh yes, do not forget a gift 😉
Enjoy tracing!

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