DIY Built-in Banquette

Making your own built-in banquette can help you with many things. First and foremost is the simple fact that you know what materials you use, you choose them, you select the color, the shape, the size and the final result will prove to be just perfect for your space.

It is something that will serve you not only as a seating place but as well as a storage area. It will occupy a small part of your place an it will prove to be twice as useful in comparison to a normal storage area or just a seating bench.

Things to use:

  • wood
  • cutter
  • nails
  • wood screws
  • adhesive
  • wood glue
  • paint
  • brush

Things to do:


  1. After choosing the location, deciding on the design, taking the neccessary measurements and choosing the wood you have to startr working and cutting all the pieces of wood accordingly. Come back inside with all of them at your disposal and start creating your banquette. Having made sure all the pieces are exactly what you need, just take some nails and attach each of them. 
  2. You can already visualize the final product? That means you started with the right 🙂 Continue by attaching the fronts of the banquette on each of the side. Make sure you leave the possibility to open where it is needed. 
  3. Add a plus to the design of your banquette by attaching some white wood frames on the front. You can use either a wood glue or again some nails. If you use nails, however make sure they are not very long and they go out inside the banquette and as well, make sure they are not very big, and they can be seen and do not look very nice and elegant. 
  4. Now is the time when you actually cover the banquette and create the seating area. Make sure you put all the pieces together in a way that you do not have free spaces between the wood pieces.  
  5. To give it a more elegant look, take a bucket of paint, may it be white or any other color of your choice and cover it all up with the paint. You can choose white as it will lighten up the  room or any other color to give a boost to the room. Whatever color you choose make sure the brush you paint it with, will be good and will leave no weird marks on the wood. 
  6. Your banquette is ready now. Let it dry for a half a day or a day (depending on how eager you are to use it), buy some nice pillows to add a plus of coziness to your seating area and here you have it! Your own hand-made in-house banquette. 



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