DIY – All you need is milk, food coloring and dish soap

Having fun with your little ones does not ask for too much. Moreover the little things you have around the house will prove to be more than handy for this DIY project.

Things to use:

  • Full fat milk
  • A plate
  • Food colors
  • Liquid dish soap

Things to do:

  1. First you should take the milk and pour it on the bottom of the plate. Leave it there to get the same temperature as the plate and the environment it is in.
  2. Then take the food coloring and ask your little ones to pour over the milk what colors they would like and want to combine. Leave each color at least 5 seconds before poring the next one.
  3. Finished with all the colors you want? Now, it is time to add the liquid dish soap. Make sure you pour over the colors and the milk slowly and wait a little bit.
  4. The fat in milk begins to react to the liquid soap and together with the food colors they form interesting combinations and shapes. If there are some areas where you can still see a color very intense, you can add more soap there and wait that it reacts.

You will get to see that the biggest changes will happen in the corners of the plate, instead in the center of it. There the milk will be more as the tension draws it to the corners.





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