Decorate Your Frames With A Beautiful Fall Makeover

Who doesn’t have a plenitude of pecans throughout the Christmas season? In place of utilizing all of them as a part of your stuffing and pie, utilize them within your fall decore! This Diy pecan feame is fun, simple and ideal for fall.

This cute frame is super-modest to make (less than $10!) and is a fun approach to spruce up any old photograph frame. Your children may even help gather the frames!

Diy pecan frame

  • 50-100 pecan parts
  • Wooden outline
  • Hot-paste weapon

1 ) Organize pecans on edge

Pour the sum of your pecans into a bowl so they are not difficult to snatch.
Organize the pecan parts on the frame. To make the frame look as rich as could be allowed, attempt to straighten the greater part of the parts the same way.


2 ) Glue pecans to the frame

Deliberately add a touch of glue to the over of every pecan half. Press into the frame and hold for something like 3 seconds so they sit tight.


3 ) Let dry

Let the frame dry for four to five hours. Then enjoy!



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