Dangling beaded braceletes

Today we are going to learn how to create dangling beaded bracelets made from Tigertail glass beads and wire.


Let’s see what kind of materials and tools we are going to need to make it.

a) 1 pkg. Bead Heaven jet large glass bead mix
b) 1 pkg. Bead Heaven jet small glass beads
c) 1 pkg. Bead Heaven black fire-polished glass beads
d) 36″ of 20-gauge black-coated copper wire
e) Bead Heaven gold-tone Tigertail bead stringing kit
f) round-nose pliers
g) chain nose pliers
h) wire cutters
i) crimping tool
j) tape
k) ruler


Now let’s see the steps.


1) At first Cut three 15-inch lengths of Tigertailc.

2) Insert every one of the three lengths through a pleat; then through the ring on the fasten, and over through the crease, leaving in the ballpark of 1/2 inch of each of the Tigertail lengths amplifying past the pleat. Slide the crease up to simply beneath the fasten and fulfill the pleat, taking after the bundle bearings.

3) Slide a globule with a huge hole to the crease, inserting all end of the Tigertail into the dot. Cut off the abundance Tigertail just underneath the globule. Tape the fasten to your work surface.

4) Make the dangles by sliding a couple beautifying dabs onto the wire. Utilize the bind nose pincers to curve over in the vicinity of 1/4 inch of wire at the closure . Slide the globules down to this end, and put a wrapped circle (see wrapped circle directions underneath) just above the last dot.


5. Repeat, making no less than 12 to 15 dangles, contingent upon your inclination. Start hanging one length of Tigertail, intermittently including a beaded dangle until you have filled 7-1/2 inches.

6. Tape this length to the work surface. Rehash with the other two lengths, positioning the dangles so they fall in distinctive spot. String each of the three lengths through a globule with a substantial opening, then through a pleat, through a hop ring, and once more through the crease and the huge bead.

7. Tug tenderly on the finishes to make certain all the dots are touching, and fulfill the pleat. Cut off the abundance Tigertail.



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