Cover jar lids using tissue paper and mod podge. Now I can use those recycled jars and hide the printing on the lid!

You have some nice paper that you would like to use in order not to throw it away? Is it a nice idea to save the jars you are finishing eating from and hide or even take off the former printing, and replace it with another one, to give it a more general use and personal touch? For sure it would be a plus to your kitchen and as well to your budget – as you no longer have to buy new jars whether you need some

Things to use:

  • jar
  • paper
  • paintbrush
  • scissors
  • mod podge in matte finish
  • pencil

Things to do:

  1. First you have to wash the jars very well and then make sure they are let to dry. If they have any etiquette on them, make sure you remove it gently and you have no trace left of glue. Do the same with the jar lids. Take the jar lid and place it face down on the decorative paper. Draw with the pencil around the lid. After this make some slits(either with the pencil and then cut them or just cut them directly). Take the mod podge and cover the inside part of the circle with it. Then just glue the lid to it. Do the same with every strip and then fold each one inside. 
  2. Take the already made lids and turn them head up so that teh pattern sheet is the one you see. Let them dry well for some hours before putting them each to its jar. 
  3. Take the jar and screw each belonging lid to it. Make sure the paper you glued is very well stuck to the lid and as well very well dried.


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