Cool confetti bowl!

Making a confetti bowl is so easy that even your kids can do that. This could be a fun and cool activity for your kiddos. You can use this cool confetti bowl in your kids room for their accessories or use it on their birthday party to add to the mood.


Things to use :

– Balloon

– Confetti  ( ready-made or diy confetti )

– school glue / Mod Podge

– Brush / Sponge

– Vase or Any bowl

– Needle or pin

– scissors


Instructions :

Step 1 : Carefully inflate the balloon depending on your desired size of confetti bowl.

Step 2 : Let it sit still on the vase so you can work on it easily.

Step 3 : Using sponge or brush, cover half of the balloon with mod podge or school glue.

Step 4 : Hold the balloon from its bottom part so you can sprinkle the confetti. Make sure that you cover the half part of balloon with confetti to the point that you can no longer see the balloon.

Step 5 : If you are having a tough time covering every portion of the half of the balloon, brush those portions with glue and start sprinkling the confetti again.

Step 5 : You may put it back on the vase again once half of your balloon is completely covered with confetti. Let it sit there for several minutes to let it dry.

Step 6 : Once you are sure that it is completely dry, you can hold the balloon and turn it upside down.

Step 7 : Pop the balloon using needle or pin, pop it. ( If you are working with your kids, ask them to be very careful so they won’t get hurt. )

Step 8 : Gently remove the balloon away from the confetti.

Step 9 : To clean the edge of the confetti bowl, use scissors to clean the edge or if you want different styles. ( You can also leave it as is if you want its irregularity. )


Extra Tips : To make this activity more exciting and the result more captivating, you can make your own confetti. Use punchers and paper cutters of different shapes like stars, hearts, diamonds, and other cool shapes. You can also choose the paper colors you want. My sample confetti bowl is too girly. Maybe you could try using boyish colors for your handsome kid.


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