Cleaning Tip: Air Vents

This tip will work on any vent and I applied this trick in our air intake vent.


Do you wonder just how is it possible to clean the vent without taking out the whole grill off? Let me show you the trick.



What you will need: 

  • A cleaner (your choice)
  • a metal butter knife
  • a cleaning rag

At first rag the cleaning rag around the knife. But if the rag is too thin then wrap it for twice.

Then spray then vent with the cleaner and insert the knife between the metal slats. Clean them side to side.

Then straighten out the cloth as necessary so you have a clean region of the cloth to use.  Rinse and rehash.


Et voila, after less than five minutes: a vent that is spic and span!


This is a particularly good trick for vents that are very difficult to remove, or the paint would be damaged by removing.





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