Cheerful decor with their hands – 2

Idea number 3: Cash pot for good luck

– Chinese decorative coin 
– Beads 
– cord

With decorative coins, which are sold in the clothing store, you can simply and quickly decorate the flower pot. To do this, take the string and strung on a coin, securing each bundle. Coins can be alternated with large or small beads of glass or plastic. It all depends on your imagination. Is ready to tie the glue beads around the subject of your efforts. You will see how to transform even the most boring pot.


Idea number 4: Flower pot (vase) of traffic jams

– a bag of wine corks 
– a plastic container 
– superglue


Sawed along the tube in half and stuck on the container.

For better aesthetics can put the pot on the cork board cortical round (sold in supermarkets such as coasters for hot).


Well, then put in a pot favorite houseplant and admire







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