Chandelier crystals become tree ornaments

I was packing away an old light fixture that was passed on to us from my grandmother…when the gems got my attention.

Since the light installation isn’t generally our style at this time, I never bothered to look closely the crystals dangling from it – those are unquestionably my style!

I quickly re purposed them as trimmings on our Christmas tree…


I cherish the extravagant precious stones crystals hanging in the middle of the various handcrafted and cheap ornaments: the pom-pom garland, the wound felt festoon, and the dollar-store snowflakes. The precious stones truly class the tree up!

I used plain ol’ clear fishing line to hang them:

I tried to hang each crystal near a light to make our tree even brighter:

These worked much better than the one-dimensional mirror.




Do your tree has anything hanging on??







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