Cellulites remedies for the upcoming summer – part two

Professional treatments do wonders


The beauty salons are more and more equipped with professional and last generation equipment. They use it in making the best treatments possible with the best results possible. Depending on the skin problem, one will be offered a certain package.

9. endermology – is a type of massage that is very efficient. It consists in feeling the skin, rolling it and vacuuming the problem areas. By this one will destroy the fat cells and activate the sanguine and lymphatic circulation, the circumference of the waist and of the hips visibly decreases. One should do two – three sessions per week, for at least one month.

10. dermotomy – this is a stronger type of massage and it is painful for the first sessions. It is made with the help of some balls that massage and vacuums the skin at the same time. It is highly efficient and should be made three times a week. For maintenance one session per week is enough.

11. Lymph energizing – is both nice and efficient. It perfectly combines the relaxation with the massage. One first applies massage oil and then the massage is alternated with pressing some problematic points. Circulation is therefore stimulated and the toxins are eliminated. It is a good treatment especially in those cases when the reason for cellulites is water retention.

12. lipo – aspiration – is cellulites worst enemy. It actually is a surgery that helps you remodeling your body through the fat aspiration. After this intervention one must use some special pants for a while.

13. For those people that do not actually have lot of money to appeal to professional help, one can also try home remedies – during the shower – massage the problem areas in order to stimulate the blood circulation

14. After each bath – massage the areas with cocoa butter

15. Replace the usual body cream with the body oils. These are rich in vitamin E

16. Include in your daily diet food rich in zinc, vitamin C and selenium.

17. Vitamin A – your ally – applying on a daily basis body creams that contain vitamin A, will make you see some results after 8-10 days. After a prolonged treatment you will even be able to diminish them for good, if you are in the early phases.

18. Beware of too much sun – too long sun baths do not do good to the skin. They loosen the collagen cells.2460491143_ecd5d848d9_z thCASQ9KUM 0 S

After getting rid of cellulites the white or pink lines remain on your skin. You have to fight to combat those after fighting the first battle. They usually appear on the hips, the bottom, the legs and the superior arm.

19. Massage with lotions and creams – the desired effects appear just after 6 to 8 weeks of treatment. It should be done twice a day.
20. Ultraviolet rays – they accelerate the healing and the cicatrisation

21. The laser treatment – is efficient if you make it in the first phases of the appearance of these lines.

22. The esthetic operation is the most efficient method. The only problem of it is that nobody guarantees you that they will not appear again after some time.

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