Cellulites remedies for the upcoming summer – part one

The statistics show that 85% of women have cellulites. If you are one of them you probably know that getting rid of it is a damn hard business. Anyhow, not everyone thinks of it as we do.3514831862_0caf0b6b78_b

Some specialists consider cellulites just a skin imperfection while some consider it as a disease of the cells from the tissue. Many think that it appears as a side effect of some digestive, hepatic or endocrines glandes problems. Some even think it can be a result of some emotional shock, which attracts gaining weight after it. Anyhow, even the skinny girls have cellulites and this is a fact – I should know

The recent studies show that it can be hereditary and some of the men also suffer from it. Anyhow, they are luckier as it is less visible, because their skin has a completely different texture. And anyhow, none of them suffers from this fact as they do not really show off their skin. Despite of the fact that it is high simpler to treat it in the first phase, one should not give up fighting it even though one has a more advanced phase of cellulites.15969126049_1366ce4641_z 1328402515_7ec84c7626_b

Water and fruits equals a firm skin

1. Detoxing – consume as much fresh vegetables and fruits as possible. Combine them with wheat products. Your diet should be based on many proteins and carbs, which are easier to digest and the organism eliminates them faster.

2. Drop by drop – drink water as often as possible and as much as possible. If you succeed in drinking two liters of water daily, you do not just eliminate the toxins but you will also have a healthy skin and a full stomach. A full cup of water drank ten minutes before lunch, makes you eat less.

3. Farewell sweets – welcome to the warm soups and tees. Honestly speaking you do not actually need too much knowledge in preparing them. They are the best snack when you feel that you are hungry. Home made fresh juice have the same results. You can also prepare some tomatoes juice, where you can add some chilly or pepper. The spicy ingredients are known as being very efficient in burning the calories.

4. Gym time – if you do not already go to gym, it is high time you started. With the help of physical exercises you can burn out the calories and transform the fat tissue in muscles. What are really this efficient are the aerobic sessions, swimming, water gymnastics and bicycle ride.
5. Little and often – it is a must when it comes to eating. First of all you get rid of the sensation of hunger and the organism will process easier the food you eat. This means that it will burn the calories faster.

6. Home massage – 10 minutes – before applying the cellulites cream you should massage very well the area with a scrub glove. This way you will activate the blood circulation and the cream will absorb faster in the skin.

7. Cellulites baling – they have wonderful results as long as you keep up with the work. The sessions must be made for three or four times a week in a professional saloon. After five sessions you will see that the skin begins to recover its elasticity and the extra water and fat is very much diminished. Combine the baling sessions with the cellulites massage.

8. Try strawberries – they are very tasty and apart from this, they are on the list of aphrodisiac items. Among these all benefits they are also very efficient in diminishing the orange skin aspect. Moreover, try combining the cellulites massage with the relaxation one. You will feel very well after them.

More professional advices to come ….

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