Bunny from a square – love this bit of cleverness

Knitting is a method that can relax yourself. Apart from this, you can as well use them at decorating your home,as gifts or just some toys for your children.

Things to use:

  • some yarn color of your choice
  • knitting Needles
  • scissors
  • tapestry Needle
  • something to stuff your bunny with
  • 2 eye buttons
  • something for the whiskeys
  • thread to sew the nose on the face of the rabbit
  • white pompom

Things to do:

  1. Start with deciding on the number of stitches you want to use, then continue with knitting as many rows as needed in order to form a perfect square. Choose teh garter stitch as probably being the most used one, will look smooth and nice.
  2. The next step is to take the needle with some thread and form a triangle making loose stitches. Start by stitching in the middle of the square, then do the triangle sides. 
  3. Take the two ends of teh stitch, then take some stuffing and put it inside the traingle and with the hands pull of the two ends, so that they will bend inside. This will form the bunny’s head and also the bunny’s ears. 
  4. Use the rest of the stuffing to fill the remaining “body” of the rabbit. After filling it, stitch it with the thread and needle used for the head as well. Then take the two ends of the thread and wrap it around the neck of the rabbit. 
  5. Take the pompom and attach it to the bottom of the rabbit. This will create the rabbit’s tail. Then take teh buttons and attach them to create the rabbit’s eyes, add the whiskers and sew the nose. 

Source: duitang.com

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