BodyART® is a fitness concept that combines the different techniques and yoga exercises, shiatsu or the medical gymnastics with respiration techniques. It is an extra thing one can do to maintain a healthy body and mind, especially.



Its origins lay on the visions of Robert Steinbacher. In 1993 he worked with a group of children that had special needs. Its main tasks were to foster motor functions of the human body and movement education. Despite of the fact that at the beginning it was created like a need for special people, he then collected the exercises used for the needing people and transformed them into those for healthy people. What he discovered after the first sessions is that the exercises were really hard and demanding, but people felt they did well. They had a better responsibility of their bodies and a bigger concentration on the core of the body. They used equipment like tubes, body bars at first.

What he later discovered is that humans do not actually need anything to discover themselves – all they need is themselves. It was hard to start using balance and the body’s resistance, but attainable. Apart from this, another important part of the exercises was using breathing. This is how the body-mind training bodyART® was born in 1994. The first school was founded in Munich.

What it represents:

This is a class whose accent falls on a total control of the body movements, of the respirations, and the entire body equilibrium, physically and mentally, altogether. BodyART® is a form of movement that focuses on rationalizing the exercises in a total equilibrium; the positions and the movement being made in a slow motion and in perfect harmony with the respiration. The positions and the movements used are chosen in order that one uses all his muscular groups and it rectifies the position of your body and hence, you get a more natural position of the body.

Energetics, deeper breathing techniques and the knowledge about far eastern philosophy enhanced the bodyART® concept. bodyART® transformed for the first time. He, together with a Shiatsu professional studied and structured every exercise anatomically and energetically. What they concluded was that every exercise can be proved in an energetic, anatomic, muscular, organic and physiological way.2444_1314630722_8779 body-art2

Yin-yang concept

The construction of the exercises that form a bodyART® training is characterized through the slow motion executing of the exercises, leaving from one point and arriving to the same point, in the end. The practitioner should focus at all times, on the execution and his own breathing. By this he oxygenates his brain and the muscles that are in movement. The bodyART® training is built on the yin-yang concept, with a permanent focus on breathing in – breathing out and on force and relaxation at the same time. In accordance to the level of preparation of the participants and the intensity of the training, some exercises can repeat but they can also be different exercises that are combined.



The main aim of this type of “fitness” is to release you of the negative tensions that you accumulated through the day, of the physical and psychical stress, avoiding therefore the unexpected and uncontrolled movements of your body and respirations. This type of movements increases your power of concentration and relaxes your body and your mind.

Getting to this ideal one can be aware of the body’s limits both physical and psychical as well as the entire energy of the body. Being aware of this, one can use them in one’s own advantage. This is one “sport” which originated in Europe and is well regarded in the States and appreciated.

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