Beautify your nails with nautical nails.


Materials and Tools:


  • Clear base layer
  • Paper reinforcement
  • Tweezers
  • Cream polish
  • Clear top layer
  • Angled edge eyeliner brush
  • Nail polish remover
  • Paper towel
  • Heavy polish
  • Gold glitter
  • Striper polish

Step 1

Apply a clear base coat to all nails, which will reinforce the attachment of the paper reinforcement. Allow it to dry.

Step 2

Position a paper support on the bottom of every nail so the highest point of the reinforcement accompanies the line of the nail moon area. In the event that your nail does not have a noticeable moon zone, make one by putting the top of the paper support on the base of the nail, so that approximately one-third of the nail is covered. Press softly so the paper reinforcement holds fast to the nail, and utilize tweezers to press the reinforcement into the edges where the fingernail skin meets the nail.


Step 3

Paint the upper part of every nail with cream polish using upward strokes, swiping your brush over the highest point of the paper support and pressing on to the highest point of the nail. Apply it to all nails and allow them to dry, then repeat with a second coat of cream polish.


Step 4

The point when polish is totally dry, utilize tweezers to uproot the paper reinforcement, pulling precisely from one side to the next.


Step 5

If polish has spilled under the paper, leaving behind a jagged curved line, dip the angled edged eyeliner brush into polish remover, press against a paper towel to splash up abundance, and apply the bristles to the zone for exact cleanup.


Step 6

Apply heavy polish to the top half of all nails, utilizing upward strokes from the midline to the tip of the nail. Allow them to dry.


Step 7

With the gold glitter stripper polish, paint the horizontal line where the cream segment meets the navy area, beginning from the edges of the nail and moving around the center. Apply to all nails and permit to dry. Repeat this venture until you have accomplished the sparkle density that you like, permitting opportunity to dry after every layer.


Step 8

The point when dry, apply clear top coat and permit the finished look to dry.


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