Beautiful Knit

Feel like you have too much time and would like to do something useful with it? Here is an idea of what you can do with your free time and relax at the same time. Find a piece of cloth, handkerchief or even towel that you want to personalize and to give it a more unique look and start knitting.

Things to use:

  • pencil
  • piece of cloth
  • crochets
  • crochet wool

Things to do:

  1. Take the pencil and draw on the material the shape you want to knit. This will make it easier for you to get to the final result and to have something beautiful in the end. Then take the crochet wool and start with the first knits. 
  2. Then mark some points like “A””B””C:”etc and start knitting. Make sure each step is equal to the one before it. Bound it to the previous step and this way it will turn out something that is like a continuous stitch. 
  3. Do this till the end of the drawing. The final result will not hesitate to come out as something unique and beautifully done. 



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