Beautiful cupcake liner Pom-Poms


This project is from Handmade Weddings, one of the titles incorporated in this month’s Chronicle Eye Candy selection, however its the ideal project for any festival!

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Makes six 12-foot strands

•  720 cupcake liners, give or take 120 for every strand

•  Six 12-foot lengths white kitchen string

•  Bone envelope

•  Rubber groups (discretionary)

•  Glue stays

•  Clear tape



1. Flatten and fold your cupcake liners. Using a skeletal folder, smooth every cupcake liner into a loop. Overlay in half, wrong-side out. Repeat it for the sum of your liners. You will require 10 identical liners for every pom-pom. Provided that you are utilizing a variety of patterns and colors, stack or elastic band them by pattern. Provided that your cupcake liners have scalloped edges, make certain to overlay them along the same pivot without a doubt. This will guarantee that the fragments that make up every pom-pom are all symmetrical, making for a pleasant hole.


2. Make the pom-poms. Place 10 collapsed cupcake liners, of the same design and color, on your work surface. Utilizing a glue stick, spread glue over one-half of a cupcake liner. Adjust it to the comparing 50% of a second cupcake liner. Press down and smooth with your bone organizer. Let dry. Keep connecting the cupcake liner parts, smoothing every section as you head off to guarantee a safe bond. Don’t glue the last fragment. The point when complete, the pom-pom will structure an accordion-like circle with one open section, which permits you to level the pom-pom into a ring. Let dry totally. Keep making pom-poms.


3. Connect the pom-poms to the string. Leaving around the range of 2 feet on either end of the laurel for hanging, connect the pom-poms along the string, at 2-inch interim (or more amazing if wanted). To attach, lay a leveled pom-pom on your work surface and arrange the lead on its focal hub (i.e., along the pleat). Secure the string with two little bits of clear tape, one on every finish of the pom-pom. Spread paste over one 50% of the ring, and on the string, and sandwich the two parts of the open section together, trapping the string. Let dry. When all the pom-poms are joined and dry, hang the wreath. “Cushion” the pom-pom fragments by hand to make full rings.



• Happy Graphic: Choose cupcake liners in splendid strong colors. In lieu of white kitchen string, utilize a brilliant string or rope.

• Found: Use a mixed bag of designed and strong liners in soul, reds, greens, and yellows. In lieu of white kitchen string, think about utilizing red and white stripped baker’s jute.


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