Bathroom Space Saver – this is different and kinda cool!

Not all of us have a big house with couple or more bathrooms. This is why we have to make the most of the bathroom space that we have and that we must live with. A lot of things are needed in a bathroom but many of them can be placed in such a manner that you will not even have to feel are there.

Things to use:

  • jars
  • basket
  • Pallet Wood
  • shower pocket organizer
  • tension rod


Things to do

  1. With so little things you can start organizing your bathroom better. for starters you need some tension rod in order to catch all the bathroom cleaning things to it. This way they will be organized without occupying any space. 
  2. Next thing is to buy a shower pocket organizer which will help you with all the shower needing utensils. The material it is made of it is as well special for bathroom and wet conditions and this will protect it from having a bad smell. 
  3. You can never have enough towels. However, do you have enough storage space for them? Give your bathroom a personal touch and also give them more space, and purchase some baskets where you can easily organize the towels or even teh toilet paper, like in the second image. 
  4. The pallet wood that you can put next to your sink will help you store all your beauty products, which need to be located in the bathroom and to be handy. 
  5. Whilst, you can easily inspire from the picture below and create a secret drawer for toilet roll. it will come in handy and it will save a lot of space and things thrown away all over the place. 
  6. Do you have some empty jars you no longer use and think of throwing them away? Do not do this! You can give them use by using them as a storage for all your make-up brushes and other things you keep in the bathroom like toiletries. 

Hope you liked our ideas and start using at its most, the space you have available in the bathroom.



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