A project to make Pastelito necklace

Pastelito necklace alongside antique and interesting South American artifacts

So, the Pastelito Necklace project!

Crochet is one of my favorite pastimes. With practice you can do it while you are watching TV which is true multitasking at its best. The Pastelito Necklace is a super pretty design that is easy to make and enjoyable to wear!

I’m going to assume that you have some crochet skills and talk more about the materials and steps… When you nail the technique for slip sewing around the metal circles, you can whip out this unusual accessory effortlessly.

crochet necklace

Required Materials

  1. My favorite 2 mm crochet hook
  2. A variety of cotton DMC weaving string or yarn in pastel colors
  3. Thirty to forty 8-10mm external measurement jump rings
  4. My favorite jewelry making scissors
  5. Two 14- to 15-mm glass flower beads in pastel green, or similar complimentary color 
  6. 3 ft/1 m 3/8 inch Double face silk or satin ribbon in a pastel color 

Note: Instead of using jump rings, you can use ordinary washers. If you decide to go this route, make sure that they are of a relatively large bore. (The diameter of the hole). This will make them easier to sew around and thread.

Also, be careful what type of metal you use. Aluminum can bend and tarnish, Iron will rust. If you want to enjoy your new necklace and perhaps give some as gifts, make sure that they will last. A nice brass and silver plated jump ring will be worth the effort of sourcing. (This is what I link to above, a second best choice would be nickel plated).


Step 1: Using your crochet hook and different colors of cotton DMC string, slip sew around the circles, totally covering them. Cut your string and tie a twofold hitch or double knot on every circle to secure the crochet. Trim the extra string.

Step 2: Thread your ribbon through 1 of the glass flower beads, then through the rest of the finished crocheted jump rings. String the second glass flower bead at the flip side.

Step 3: Tie a twofold hitch on either side of the mass of jump rings to secure the circles and secure the set up. To wear, tie the necklace at the length you like according to what matches the rest of your outfit.



* Use different sized circles to express a different look.

* Try a monochromatic color palette for a subtler finished effect.

* Use bright colors for when you are in a party mood!

* Make two necklaces, of different lengths, to make a double necklace combo.

* Alternate the jump rings with the glass flower beads.

* Use multiple ribbons of a smaller width using complimentary colors.

15 thoughts on “A project to make Pastelito necklace

  1. dorothy

    what is slip sew around the circle mean. do you mean crochet it? Is there a link to see how it is done. TY

  2. Theresa Cardillo

    i am having a hard time finding the flower beads with a big enough hole for the ribbon. any suggestions?

  3. Sandi Hodge

    These are absolutely beautiful,
    I would like answers to All the questions above, lol
    Is there anyway you could do pictures or a video perhaps?
    Thank you so much.
    Auburndale Florida

  4. Susie Jones

    You can buy the the tiny rings in the beading area of craft stores or even at Wal-Mart. They are the small metal rings that are on your necklace when you hook it around your neck. You have seen them before but didn’t know their name. They come in different diameters. The sizes are written on the packages. It is hard to explain with words how to link the yarn stitches to the small rings. It is not hard to do, just havd to explain. Look on YouTube for crochet tutorials for basic stitches and look for slipstitches. Hope this helps a little bit.

  5. Donna Cutler

    I would think metal washers would be heavy and make the necklace hang badly. Also, the picture seems to show circles that are crocheted.


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