A Dainty Layered Skirt to Brighten Any Day

A Dainty Layered Skirt to Brighten Any Day

This rainbow skirt is so pretty, it’s a must-have to brighten any girl’s dreary day. I simply love the choice of spring colors and the layered design creates a full skirt that is so dainty.

You would think an adorable number like this one is made by expert dressmakers but the tutorial on the site would show that anybody who knows their stitches can easily make one.

I especially love the sash and how it brings everything together. For beginners like me, it is a great way to hide imperfections. I love how the large rose on the shirt matches the bow at the back of the skirt. This is one DIY project that can make any girl happy.

To read more: http://jojoandeloise.com/2013/03/spring-rainbow-skirt/

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