A daily healthy and delicious menu

Finding out as many information as possible about food helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle and this will be seen in your inner body as well as your outer shell. Being more informed helps you understand your body better, your needs as well and stay away of the wrong diet.healthy b1

If you are not a person that has enough time or patience or even money to go and pay a nutritionist, here you can discover a proposal of a delicious menu that will not take away much of your already scheduled program.

We live in the speed era this is why we tend to have the impression we lack time for ourselves and for feeding us correctly. Many times we compromise as we think that a healthy meal is hard to prepare. This is just a way of ditching the responsibility, taking into consideration that staying healthy is the most important thing one has in life and our eating style says a lot about us.


The first meal of the day is the most important one as it gives you the needing energy for a working day. As people tend to get sick and tired of milk and cereals, they skip the breakfast and replace it with just a coffee in the morning, when they get to work. On long term, this does nothing than produces diseases such as ulcer or gastritis.

A healthy breakfast can contain fruits and vegetables, cereals, milk, yoghurt or bananas and even boiled eggs, peanut butter or fish. All of the above are rich in proteins. It is advisable that one has more vitamins and healthy b

minerals at breakfast and fewer fats. The first meal of the day should be varied and take away the starving sensation for quiet some good hours.

Some of the foods one should avoid at breakfast are donuts and fast food products.


A healthy lunch actually represents the necessary portion of vitality for the rest of the day. This should include salad, potatoes, fruits, bread, rice, light meat – pork, beef or chicken, fish or dairy products such as yoghurt or milk. To drink, one should choose water or fresh juice, no sugar.

An example of a healthy lunch is the rice salad or the chicken salad. There are many types or rice these days – like basmati ones – that are very easy to cook and you do not have to do almost anything to have tasty rice.healthy l1 healthy l


In order to maintain the healthy style, dinner should as well be well taken care of. You should use products like fresh vegetable, meat with no fat on it and fish. One should cook with sun seeds oil or olive oil and the easy to cook meals are preferred to the hard and very sophisticated.healthy d


Whether you had or not a big lunch or a delicious dinner, the dessert is something one should not miss. Some light vanilla cakes are the best choice to make.

Recipes are to follow …

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