Breakfast prank!!

At first I started the night with two bowls of cheerios and milk. You may think I have gone crazy!! Breakfast at night? Wait wait!! I have make the food at night and stuck them in the freezer.

The funny thing comes next! khik khik!! In the morning I took the frozen bowls of cereal out and then added some liquid milk to the top.

When my son started to eat the cereal, he started to make some funny faces as he was trying to his frozen cereal!

Then he tried digging into the unusual breakfast with his spoon.

boy digging into cereal bowl

He actually didn’t get the trick and didn’t caught on to the joke and he just ended up saying some words like ‘eewww’ and pushing it away :’)

Yet I couldn’t help but giggle as I said the infamous, “April Fools!”








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