8 steps for pallet adrinodack chair

At the first step to make a pallet adrinodack chair, you have to collect the necessary things and tools. And then cut the pallet wood in particular sizes and shapes.



1. Measure and cut:

Now you have to make holes to join the pallet woods. Use your screw driver to make the hole. But before you make a single hole in the pallet wood, you have to make the measurement very carefully so that you do not have to face any difficulties joining the pallet woods together.


pallet-adirondack-chair-diy-22. Make the base:

Its time to make the basic structure of the pallet table. Join the pallet wood in the front and back side leg. Create curves in both pallet woods for the sitting purpose.



3. Fix the back:

Rest the long wood on the back in vertical direction in the middle of the two curved woods one fix on the upper and second is on the lower side. Then make a hole with drill machine to fix it on the back.




4.Lower and upper side:

Now add another pallet wood in vertical position creating some space in the upper side. You should add all the pallet wood in the vertical side but you have to remember  that the lower end shouldn’t have any space and the upper end should have the space. In this pattern add all the pallet wood.



5. Ensure space and length:

Now you should look closely to the pallet Adirondack chair pieces and have to make sure that the pieces are fixed with equal space and length both in upper and lower ends. Now make holes with drill machine and fix it with nails or screw at their perfect places.  You can utilize a small bit of wood to adjust the equal  space in the middle of all pallet woods being fixed in the upper direction and make adjust in all these pallet woods.




6. Create the chair: 

Then you can start adding the pallet woods on the two curved pallet woods already fitted in the frame of diy pallet chair to create sitting on the chair.



7. Check the fixture:

Now it is time to seat on the chair. Check the Pallet adrinodack chair to examine the pallet woods are being properly fixed or not. Take some rest at first! If there is some problem you can fix it now. You can finish settling of pallet woods on the sitting position along the bend of recently fitted two curved pallet woods in the table.



8. Make the arm: 

You can make a gap in the two pallet woods implied for the arms of the seat. These arms of seat will give you support while sitting in the seat. Make a hole with drill machine in the pallet wood as of recently altered in the principle frame at the back. At that point use nails or screws to join the arms of the seat with the rear bed wood.




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