7 Must-Ask Questions When Hiring Home Cleaning Services

Sometimes, it is too difficult to bother yourself with a multitude of cleaning tasks. No one can argue that wanting to spend your free time by being FREE of obligations is a bad thing. Even though in some cultures it may be frowned upon, let that not bother you, for we are on your side, and we can admit it shamelessly, that hiring a cleaning lady can sometimes be a life savior! If your life story involves kids, would it not be better to be able to spend time with them without having the veil of house cleaning responsibilities floating above your head? However, even though it sounds like a simple arrangement to make, which to a certain degree it is, a healthy dose of carefulness should exist on your behalf. There are many things to take into consideration before deciding to take a step in this direction. Hereby, we will present you with 7 must-ask questions when hiring home cleaning services.


It is very important to inform yourself about the people that are designated to do the job of cleaning your household. If you have made an agreement with a company, ask them if they do extensive background checks on their employees. No one wants to be found in a situation where suspicious people are wandering around your home. If you end up settling on one particular cleaner, make sure that the company provides you with a guarantee that the same person will do the job each and every time. However, if you want to skip agencies and shoot straight for independent contractors, do a little bit of research on them, and try to find some references, if any are available.


Honestly, there is a reasonable likelihood that the cleaning staff will get injured while cleaning around your house. This can turn out to be a really serious issue if the company does not carry liability insurance and bond. When it comes to this particular topic, you really want to be secured in case these problems potentially arise. Because if the house cleaner gets seriously injured, and the company does not carry liability insurance, no other person than you will be held liable.


Most of us have a budget. Most of us do not want to overstep that budget. Hence the topic about money. One of your priorities has to be a discussion about cleaning fees. If it is impossible for them to say one exact price for their services, ask for a rough estimate, just so you know if their prices fit your budget. One more thing, if you can, negotiate, and if the price is simply too high, bail out. It would also be wise to talk about extra fees. No one wants to be in a situation where more money is asked than you thought you agreed upon.


You may not think it is relevant, but trust us, it is. Before you settle on an agreement, make sure to check if the house cleaners bring their own cleaning supplies. This is not just a money-saving measure. Professionals know what brands to use, what is the desirable quantity, and most importantly, they know what is safe. It is always best to let professionals deal with their area of specialty. Providing them with implements and chemicals that are not suited for a particular job, may end up representing a serious health hazard, which subsequently means more unwanted problems.

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If you are a proud pet owner, this is a question you simply must take into consideration. Sometimes, there are additional fees included if the house that needs to be cleaned is inhabited by pets. Make sure you know where you stand when it comes to extra charges. Other than that, if you plan to leave the pet home while the cleaning staff does its job, do not forget to leave them with instructions. If you have a safe spot where the animal can be until the process is finished, let them know. Plus, if handling your pet involves some specific instructions, again, do not shy away from notifying them about them.


You might have gotten the impression so far, that being well informed is of crucial importance. Before you decide to make a pact with a particular company, do an extensive research on them. If by any chance it is possible, find out about other people’s experiences with them. What would be great to do, is compare the company you are interested in with other ones on the market. Compare the prices, experience level of the employees, how long they have been in business, etc. It is important to build a solid informational background before offering your home to someone.


One thing that highly affects the final price is what is expected from the cleaner to do. Check what services are covered and compare them with the ones you need to be done. If you are hiring someone to manage your day-to-day cleaning business, usually there are not any additional fees charged. However, if you need some extra work to be done, make sure you timely inform the cleaner (or the company), just to avoid any potential misunderstandings from occurring.


There you have it. More things could be discussed in this scenario, but these are the ones we thought should be of crucial significance. Being careful and prudent is something we advise you to be. In case you are struggling with finding adequate and reliable solutions when it comes to hiring cleaning services, visit Helpling.co.uk. We assure you there are more than reliable house cleaners to be hired there. It is only one click away. Give it a shot.

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