6 Simple Tips for Not Damaging Your Hair When Using a Hot Iron

Stick this caring list on your bathroom mirror and rehash day by day.

NEVER run your flat iron over the same bit of hair twice. It’s really counter productive to continue again and again the same piece hair, and exceptionally harming. Point for one back pass off each one area of hair.

Always utilize a warm heat protectant that covers the hair with defensive elements (normally silicone-based) to decrease the measure of harm brought on by high heats from flat iron.

NEVER put a high-heat product on wet or damp hair, even if the tool claims to be a ‘wet-to-dry’ product.

Always be mindful of your hair curling pattern. Twisting the hair away from the face opens up the face and neck more and is generally more flattering, however utilizing an alternating example of pieces twisted towards and away will give a more natural and best result.

NEVER begin with your heat settings at the top point. Indeed the thickest twists don’t have to be tended at 400 degrees Fahrenheit — begin low and in the event that you need more, adjust gradually. Keep in mind: With both twisting and straightening, its not about how the hair warms up, yet the way it chills again back into formation.




***DIY source: www.pintutorials.blogspot.com


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