5 New Uses For Everyday Items

1. Clear Nail Polish To Secure Screws

Nail polish works like an invisible glue, helping those sometimes loose screws to stay in their place. Another tip: If it’s too late and your screw is already lost, a small earring stud will hold it together until you’re able to replace the screw.


2. Clear Nail Polish To Secure Buttons

Just a dab will also keep button threads from unraveling. You can apply it as a prevention or to stop an already fraying thread in the case that you don’t have a sewing kit handy.


3. Makeup Brush To Clean In Between Keys

An old makeup brush is the perfect size to fit in between the keys on your keyboard and remove dust and small Doritos crumbs.


4. Rubber Band Paint Scraper

To keep the edges of your paint can clean for easy clean up and sealing, stretch a rubber band around the can and use it to wipe excess paint off of your brushes.



5. Buttons As Earring Holders

Keep those earring pairs together with buttons! This is not only useful for traveling, but if you have a large collection, it will also make them easier to find in your jewelry box.



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