4 Unique Ways to Wrap Gifts

Forget the boring gift bags and typical wrapping paper. Find how-to instructions for DIY gift wrapping ideas that become part of the gift.

Touch of Nature


In some cases the holiday spark you’re searching for could be discovered in your own terrace. Why not transform this nature-inspired gift topper into an evening movement for you and the family. Pinecones, acorns,berries and cypress are all reasonable amusement, and when grouped on a wrapped present, they include the ideal touch of nature.

Perfec Picture


An occasion assembling of close, loved ones wouldn’t be finished without a couple of treks down memory path. This year, kick off the nostalgia by joining childhood photographs onto gift to demonstrate who the recipient is — and the goofier the pictures, the better. Tie off with beautifying lace for a spin on the traditional gift tag that is bubbly, wistful and beyond any doubt to evoke a laugh or two.

Floral Garland


‘Tis the season for wonderful holiday florals, and as opposed to popular thinking, favourite blooms require not be kept to wreaths and chimneys. This year, use your green thumb to craft small faux flower garlands that merrily tie around traditionally wrapped gift boxes. Utilizing silk flowers and floral wire from the craft store, its not difficult to weave sprigs of holiday greenery together in a flash.



Wrapping flat and collapsed obects could be a touch of a gift wrapping conundrum. Instead of sliding around in boxes or losing all sense of direction in gift bags amid heaps of tissue paper, things like books or scarves settle cozily in these blessing envelopes.






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