3D Hand Craft

Let us see if we can create something in 3D without using any type of machines, just your own bare hand, or hands, depending what you want to acccomplish.

Things to use:

  • pencil
  • paper
  • colored pencils
  • ruler

Things to do:

  1. Take a piece of paper and a pencil and put your hands on it. Draw the lines of the hand on the paper, so that it turns out the shape of the hand in the end.  
  2. Take the same pencil and as well a ruler and draw striaght lines outside the palm of your hand. This way the hand shape will remain white. 
  3. In order to create the desired effect you have to start connect the lines from oen end to the other. This means that you actually drwa inside the palm of your hand now.This lines you draw should be curved. Start from the bottom of the hand drawing. 
  4. Continue with the curved lines drawing until you fill all the space you have for your hand. 
  5. The next step is to take a brown colored pencil and draw with it near the upper lines. This will create a shadow effect that will help ypu with your 3D effect. 
  6. Then take the pallette of color of your choice and start by drwaing inside the lines. Be sure to take one color at a time so that you can visualize the end effect. Combine the colors in a way that they belong to the same color pallette. 
  7. The end result is here. Take a look and be proud of what you just created. 


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